K so im 13 years old and im getting new Dimarzios in my ibanez soon and I really dont wanna pay the stupid repair man at the store $50 just to install new pickups.
Im looking to replace and install 2 new Humbuckers.

So can anyone send me the link to a really good instructional guide that will explain everything about taking out and installing new pickups?
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Your DiMarzios will come with instructions. As far as using a soldering iron, they're simple to use and will also come with instructions. You should get pencil style and won't need more than 20-30 watts.
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^ Except that Seymour Duncans and DiMarzios won't use the same color coding. As I've said, the best source is the pickup manufacturer's own documentation. Although, the Seymour Duncan site DOES have a good video that shows you just how simple swapping out a pickup is.
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Oh ok, I didn't think of that. Well, read through your instructions, and if you have any questions, post them up here.
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the things come with a color scheme. the output goes to the center prong of the pot, the output on the right, and the ground on the left. and if it's backward just reverse it.

the layout also makes a difference, as the # of tone controls complicate the system.
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