has anyone seen this movie??

and if you have, what the **** is going on??????????????

the understand the whole time travel bit, but the random clone and the killing of like 3 more, where did they come from?!
it's definately confusing. they kept time travelling multiple times, which just kept snowballing, so they ended up with a bunch of versions of themselves, which they had to get rid of somehow. idk. it's confusing. just watch it a couple more times and it might start to make sense. or try wikipedia.
Oh Shit!
Biggest mind**** movie ever. The above poster is right, the two guys kept going back in time and eventually one of them took a time machine with them.

Somehow the guy with the radio in his ear tapes every conversation and plays them 3 seconds ahead of the world so he knows what's going on.

Great movie.
yeah its def a good movie

just bummed out how you need to watch it like 4 times to see everything clearly