G'day, Im Jason , from Australia
I play guitar, lead & rythem & acustic as well as learning bass guitar..

I write my own instrumenal music , kinda Joe Satriani bluesy sometimes very fast some times slow, depends on my mood I guess
I own an ashton acustic guitar and bass, Ibanes RG 320L a torch (bbking blues styled guitar) and a samic which is a strat copy..
my amp is a mega mini stack 60 watts and a 5 watt acustic amp..
also got a boss ds1 distiortion pedal, some booster pedal and an old roland GP-8 Guitar effects processor..

also a samson 10 channel mixer that goes direct to my soundblaster card
and I record with Guitar tracks pro 3...

so Im just looking around to see if people like my music,
currently my songs are at

hope to chat with you guys soon..
from downunder australia
Nice to see some more aussie on the forum. Pop into the bass and the guitar gear and accessories forums sometime.
"You can practice to attain knowledge, but you can't practice to attain wisdom." - Herbie Hancock
gday, welcome to UG. this should have been in the introductions thread though so i'm gonna close it.
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