that or saga, but i'm leaning towards carvin.
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Carvins are awesome of course, It's carvin! But sagas are cheap, and would be good for a first kit. Though a Carvin would be just as easy, i'm thinking. No that hard to put a kit together....
I saw that site, but i thought that maybe i could get it cheaper somewhere else...they are probably that price everywhere...
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www.onlineguitar.com has the like 80buck saga kits.

ive heard nothing but good from carvin, if money is no object.. def go with them.
but there is a build floating around on a saga kit, which came out pretty damn nice.

but remember, in most cases, you get what you pay for!
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yeah, carvin is quality stuff for (relatively) cheap, especially when it comes to amps.
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carvin can be bought in the shops, at least in countries other than USA, but for more than the factory price, they have list prices under the price they sell them at, get them direct

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The Carvin kits are highly rated so I'd go with those. However, another option is to go another route ... A lot of people scoff at the Squier Affinity Strat or Teles; however, these are made of Alder and have pretty decent necks.

Assuming you bought a Squier Affinity Strat for $150, here are your modding options:
1. Guitar Fetish (GF) PUs from the clearance section - $17
2. GF complete Strat wiring upgrade (switch, pots, caps) - $16
3. Wilkinson Vintage tremolo with the hefty steel block instead of the puny Squier or older MIM Fender bridge - $38
4. GF vintage Kluson-style tuners - $22
6. Bone or ivoroid nut - $4
Total = $150 + 97 = $247

If you prefer higher-end PUs, say a set of used DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Solo, Solo Pro, and Heavy Blues (around $90 used), the new total = $150 + 170 = $320.

You'll have a stealth, killer guitar sporting a Squier label. Through a tube amp, you'll get classic rock all the way to Blues.

If you're fussy about the neck, a light sanding with 2000 grit and 3-5 coatings of 100% Tung Oil will serve you well. I like Squier necks and Squier Affinity, so under-rated.

Good Luck!
Carvin, you cant beat there stuff. but the Squire idea is a very good option also
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im looking to use a kit, not modding....i cannot seem to find carvins for sale anywhere?
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They sell factory direct; that's their thing. If you find any of their stuff at another place, it'll be a lot more expensive.

Get a Saga kit if you don't want to pay the money.
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