I found a website about a month ago called Music123.com and found there prices even taking into account the exchange rate to be very very good. I was thinking of buying a Washburn WI64DLTR from there. Reason being that i heard it was a really good guitar for its price and im on a budget. According to this website they sell it for £128, which i think is a bargain. However i looked for the same guitar elsewhere, i copied and pasted the exact phrase "Washburn WI64DLTR Solid Body Electric Guitar Closeout" into google. The result was another website called www.wwbw.com. The layout minus a colour change seems exact. Music123 wants payment by paypal (or credit card which i dont have). Is this website (music123) legitimute or is it a fake website thats gonna steal my money??? also any opinions on the guitar i want to buy would be appreiated.


It's legit. In fact, it's been around for a good while now.
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What about the guitar, it says it won an award or something? and how come those two website look idential

cheers for the input anyway
They look identical because they're owned by the same company.
The Washburn is a nice pick. I changed the pickups on mine, and it's awesome now.
Music 123 is legitimate. I bought all my gear from them and they're cheap. =)

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Cheers for the input again really appreciate it, since im here :P i might as well as advice on amps too lol, im a student so i cant have anything big to transport, i want to gig but im on a budget (until my next grant comes in), so are there any really average sized, sweet sounding, versatile and cheap amps out there. Iv got a mashall 3dfx (30watt) peace of crap but well the less said about that the better.

cheers again for input