ok well yesterday i saw that movie "just friends" and it left me very confused. I have been in the friends zone before and i know that no matter how long you wait there is no getting out of it. Well in that movie the best friend in high school gets rejected after like 3 years of being the friend. Then 10 years later he comes back and tries to seduce the girl that he used to be best friends with by being a jerk. Then he tries being nice and THEN she tries to sleep with him.????? how the hell does that work?

obviously if you havent seen the movie then you wont know what im talkin about
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When I first saw that I was watching it with three people... A friend of mine, the girl I was in the 'friend zone' with, and her boyfriend.

It was creepy how relevant the movie was to my situation, except I wasn't as stupid as the fat guy and that was a long time ago, I'm smarter now.
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Hahahaha sucks to be you guys in the friend zone. Its funny how usually you are seen as just one of the girls.
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...THEN she tries to sleep with him.????? how the hell does that work?

its because shes tara reid...wait wrong movie im think van wilder who was ryans love intrest in this movie its been a while
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