I need to get a guitar for 100 or less to take around with me to places and beat up, seeing as i dont want to take my mia delux around everywhere, is there any recomendations on what would be good? preferably something with a humbucker, but not required, im going to order it online, and will most likely not be going out to try them first, so i dont need the "get what your try and liked" response. I do like the way the squier 51 looks, does anyone have expeirence with that one?
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51's are versatile(coil tap) and nice guitars but the quality control is pretty inconsistent. So if you are fine with doing a complete set up and maybe dealing with bad fret ends then it would be a fun beater.
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you think i would be better off getting a used guitar then a new one?
Deluxe American Strat, 3 tone sunburst
Line 6 Spyder III, 75w
yeah i got a squier 51' for the same thing. its really nice for the price. you can get a lot of different sounds.
The Squier 51 is an amazing guitar for the price.

Also Rondo Music has some good SX guitars but after the shipping charge is added the price will be over $100. Quality is about the same as the 51 but the 51's PuPs are better.

Ofcourse I am not referring to all SXs, only the one that I bought. The SX SST 62 candy apple red.
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I am personally a big fan of Pawnshops, I found a squire strat with some nice after market pickups and some finish damage for $70, pretty damn sweet if you ask me, and you did.
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