The early model Edge and Edge Pros are great! Best of them all if you ask me.
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im getting the C-1 Hellraiser Baritone and replacing the EMG 81 with my Zakk Wylde EMG 81

****in great dude
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well i heard the edge pro ones suck, and how do u know which one u got

What?!!?! Unless if you're talking about Edge ll and lll...
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Floyd Rose:-
- Speedloader or other versions of Original Floyd Rose are very reliable but its expensive. The ones that're mosly used are the Original Floyd Rose (OFR), the Low profile OFR is quite questionable as some tried and didnt like it. Yet, its down to preference.

Good LFR (Licensed Floyd Rose):-
- Ibanez Edge Pro (older version produced before 2003 is discontinued)
- Ibanez ZR tremolo system
- Ibanez Edge (discontinued)
- Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge (discontinued)
- Gotoh LFR
- Schaller LFR
- Kahler LFR (looks and feels different but the technologies used are almost the same)

The ones to stay away from:-
- LFRs that doesnt have any brands on 'em
- Ibanez Lo-TRS I (better than Lo-TRS II)
- Ibanez Lo-TRS II (worst LFR in Ibanez production, arm is wobbly and clunky)
- Ibanez Edge Pro II (slight upgrade for the Lo-TRSs, still uses inferior material)
- Ibanez Edge III (Ibanez solution of avoiding the $17 per trem to Floyd Rose, what'd expect, entry level and crap material, not actually licensed by Floyd Rose coz its patented from Ibanez Edge)
- Ibanez ILT1 (introduced in 2004 i believe, the slightest upgrade of the Lo-TRS II, arm is still wobbly and clunky)

All the high-ends Ibanez trems are made in Japan while the TRSs, Edge Pro II and Edge III are mostly Korean product (1st production of Edge Pro II/TRSs/Edge III are from Korea, AFAIK). However, the Edge III/Lo-TRS II is a direct swap for an OFR/Gotoh/Schaller/similar. The Lo-TRS I have smaller trem posts, so you'd need to use the old trem posts if you want to swap it (im not 100% sure 'bout this).

As for "Other LFRs without brand", an OFR/similar should be a direct swap.
^Great summary.
I have the Ibanez Lo Pro Edge and am very happy with it, although I haven't had the opportunity to compare it to much else.
One minor complaint the paint has worn off it where the side of my right hand brushes against it allowing the base metal to show through.
But it has never gone out of tune for me.
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