Poll: Does evil armada's "untitled 3" ending sound like osiris's "lost souls" ending?
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View poll results: Does evil armada's "untitled 3" ending sound like osiris's "lost souls" ending?
Yes [guilty]
7 47%
No [not guilty]
8 53%
Voters: 15.
My friends recon ive stolen the end from their song and put it in mine and they have been giving me shit about it so im gonna put it up to u guys. listen to the ending of the song called lost souls by osiris then listen to the end of the song called untitled 3 by evil armada and tell me if u think they sound the same. im from evil armada and osiris are the 1s acuseing me. i think their full of shit because 1. it dosent sound like it 2. i made the song for evil armada so id no if i copied a song. im gonna put up a poll but i still want people to comment thanx
haven't gotten to the end of your song yet. But it sounds better :p

ok, its impossible to get to the end of your song. It keeps stoping and going back to the beginning.
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woogles if u havent got to the ending of his song then y comment? and u say his song is better he has a whole diffrent style of music then us so wen u compare songs and bands compare them with bands tht have the same style of music yes we are both metal bands but we both have diffrent ways about doin things and all ppl like diff songs
and dale u make it out in ur comment like we are so guilty but i bet if i put up a poll and i did the writing ppl opinions would be diffrent
Dude. Osiris. Quit being a little bitch. He just said the song was better. Calm down and quit being a little girl about it.

Anyways, your song gets to 43 seconds and stops for me, so I can't hear the ending.
i just cheked and it works fine for me. com on guys we need more voters. just take a little time out to be involved in this
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oi shut the fuk up IlIk2plygUItAr u faggot i wasnt even tlking to u, and u havent listened to the whole song i bet most u ****s r prob dales friends thts y hes go so many ppl sayin tht its not cause none of u dicks have even herd the end of his song so y VOTE!! u spastics this a poll to see if dales is guilty or not guilty not a fukin poll for whos songs better so stop fukin voting cause none of use who have voted have herd the end of his song so y comment of vote u dickheads cause u dnt even no wht im tlkin about
Well I must say, upon hearing Evil Armada's song I immediately recognised and assumed the bridge/end was exactly the same as Osiris' song "lost souls". It has an uncanny similarity and only if you compare the songs closely can you actually tell the difference, which is very slight. Although you are both complaining whether or not the songs are the same, all I can say is "Untitled 3" Follows the EXACT same format and composure as "Lost Souls" It has solo's in all the same places, very close to exactly the same bridge and a faded guitar solo as an ending, not to mention the use of a harmonised solo half way through. In conclusion I would just like to add, to avoid these circumstances happening again, do not compose and perform a song with someone from a different band, so dont use Dale as your drummer.
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Oh and not to mention the name "Evil Armada" was originally created and used by James Robinson of "Osiris" leads towards me believing even more that you did infact use the same lick for your song
They do sound very similiar, not exactly the same but sounds very familiar. As I'm really not into that sort of music at all (I like Pete Murray, Jack Johnson, John Mayer etc) I'm not going to comment on whos song I thought was better.
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ummm james i dont know n e of these people and geting ben [james friend] to do that completely contridicts your self. oh yeah i do thank james for the name and he can have it bak n e time he wants. but stop trying to make this personal james cos its not so stop doin this.
dude these ppl are voting on wht song is better not if ur guilty or not how unfair most of ur votes are ppl who have just judged songs u prob have 3 ppl who think ur not guilty and im not tryin to make this personal dik head ur the one tht strted this stupid pole i never asked u i simply sed the 2 songs end bit simply sounds the same and is along the same basics and yeh cause it does u strted the pole haha i cnt beleive u thouhgt i was makin it personal wht did u think tht next time i see u im gonna hit u haha dude no uve been one of my good friends
they are very similar but only in structure, EA song is faster and osiris's is slower but they do sound close and could see both sides of the argument. But why do guys care? sounds like bad blood between band members to me. Look at metallica and megadeth dave mustaine used the same riffs in a couple of songs that metallica recorded claiming they were "his riffs" so what who cares...............

My opinion.
yeah ur rite no matter wot im not changing the song n e way so i dont dont know why im doin this. still be cool to find out thou. com on we need more voters. u enter in this poll and ill crit ur songs.
this isnt trying to be an asshole dale but if u notice all the people tht have voted ur acctually guilty are all the ones tht have acctualy listened to the end of ur song all the other ones jst voted on urs cause they obviously dislike me cause i was a bit of an ass lol but me and jade never wanted u to change the song we jsut wanted u to admit tht they are similar
i will admit there simular in stucture but if u remember u called me a copyin *****. i in no way wanted to copy ur song or even create the same effect. and since wen has stucture been copying. u may as well say every harmonized song in the world was ur idea and u did say that i copied it.
I heard both songs. The ending is similar, that is true.
But Evil Armada's is better.
i dont think they sound alike, and i like evil armadas more
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