my A string recently broke and im getting a new set of 10 gauges. what is a good brand?
cuz i recently brought my guitar into the shop to fix something, and they put brand new 10 gauges on but i dont know what brand they are.
dude, how can you have all that gear and not know shite about strings. i always buy ernie balls. it's up to you if you have the money for an american strat then buy a few different brands and test them out. and don't ever ask a question like that again because it seems so strange that you would have such nice gear and have never bought strings. unless you are some millionare that want's to fufill his childhood dream of being freddie mucurey.
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umm.... i just bought this gear in november. and ive never changed a string yet except for when i brought it in for repair..

im just asking about a good brand. damn

atleast i didnt return my gear because i was disappointed with my skill like the other guy on this forum
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im asking cuz my string broke... didnt you read my post?

Yeah.. it was kinda confusing, I didn't know what order everything happened, if your string broke first before they put new strings or whatever. Anyways.... I like D'adderio or however it's spelled.
How can you afford to buy all that shit when you're so new? I won't judge you, as everyone else will, but you are quite blessed. Or foolish. Try DR strings. They're amazing. Tite-fit are pretty... tight. Hahahaha XD Seriously though. DR strings are pretty sexy. D'Addario blues strings are pretty good, as well. Try out a bunch. I've tried out all the strings that have any modicum of commercial success. It's fun! Try different guages, too.
D'Addrios are the bestest imo.
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I just switched to DR after playing D'Addario for years. They nice and slippery and have a nice bright tight tone.
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I just switched to DR after playing D'Addario for years. They nice and slippery and have a nice bright tight tone.

I definitely consider DRs to be the best (I personally use their tite-fit 11s on my Gibson Les Paul Classic). However, I use D'Addario 10s on my Fender Strat (that I rarely play, but they do the Fender clean tone better- I rarely ever play clean). So I feel the preference depends on the guitar.
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i am not new to buying guitar. ive had a crappy accoustic since december of 2005, then in march of '06 i bought a crappy walmart electric guitar with the stupid sucky amp that comes with it. and now i have the stuff listed in my sig
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I have a NEF 10 gauge single shot. Kicks like a mule.

OOH, you mean guitar strings. I like D'Addario's.
Definitely try GHS boomers, those are my personal preference.
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Ernie Ball, or Dean Markley are my fave.

Strings are really just preference. Just try out different brands.
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