Im a crossroads right now I tried a bunch of different string and Ive found I like the tone of the rps power slinkys but I have to raise the action on my les paul so they dont buzz and they are hard to play but the d'addario super lights play like butter but dont sound nearly as good as the power slinkys

what should i do to get the best of both worlds?
I won't play anything but DR 11s on my Gibson Les Paul. They take a little bit of playing to get the warm and bright tone to set in, but when it does it lasts longer than any other strings brand (don't rust out like many other brands as well).
I've tried practically every string ever made .

For some reason I keep going back to Ernie Ball regular slinkies . They are cheap and sound and feel the best to me . I use my floyd rose allot as well and they keep in tune for a long time .

Expensive dosent always mean better .