Looks KICKASS! I like how they introduced mythological aspects/fantasy into the actual story. My only gripe is that the Spartans should be long haired.
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It's rated R? DAMNIT! I mean, I knew it would be, but I wanted to keep my self in the dilusion that I'll be able to see it no problem. Shit... But yeah, it looks SICK!
They should! I read "Gates of Fire" by Steven Pressfield and got really into the whole Thermopylae thing. I remember the scene where the Egyptian guy with the unpronouncable name "Ptammechus" or something asked Dienekes why Spartans all had long hair. He told him that "No other adornment makes a comely man more attractive or an ugly man more terrifying."
It's a F****** alligator!

Edit: Nevermind wrong movie. Yeah, I wanna see this movie.
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hell yeah dude. that movie looks sick. in school we're studying ancient greece and stuff, so it's creepy timing for how perfect it is. But they got a lot of historical stuff innacurate from what the trailer shows. but I don't care, it looks awesome anyways. my teacher's annoyed by it tho. Jokingly, I told him that nothing he said makes sense and I'll just learn from the movie
haha he got pissed.
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I remember seeing the commercial for it and thinking; "I wonder if this is historically accurate."

Then a rhino came on a gored some guy. And I was convinced.
I read the graphic novel by Frank Miller at work one day, and I read that the movie follows the graphic novel almost exactly