OK so Im building a new pedal and was wondering how I could wire this to true bypass.

It seems to be wired with a DPDT switch instead of a 3PDT switch. If anyone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
I'm pretty sure that is true bypass. 3PDT are only needed if you want an LED.
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Ok well I want an led too. How in the hell do I wire it? Im so confused when it comes to changing wires and such.
I'm working on a different schematic that might be a little easier if you haven't started already.
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There. Save a couple connections and you don't have to try to cram two wires into one hole on your PCB.
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OK I wired up the circuit last night and it dont work. I have tried tourbleshooting this thing and it dont work. I was wondering if any of yall electrical wizzes could hwlp me. The only change I made is that the 0.1uf caps. I replaced them with 100pf ceramic disks caps. Would that make enough of a change to mess it up?

I also used breadboard instead of etching a pc board which I wil not do again. But all the connections are right I just cant get it to work. Please help.
Well your change from 0.1uF caps to 100pF caps is huge. 100pF= 0.0001uF which is a huge difference. Try to fix the capacitor values. Breadboard it without the LED or Bypass. Thats what I always do, then put that extra stuff on later when I perminent board it.

Are you sure your using a breadboard? Its solderless where you just stick components into the sockets right?
.1 uF = 100,000 pF so I'd say that probably made a difference. What made you decide to change them?
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Thats all I had right at the moment.

And no the bread board (at least what I call bread board) is the generic board with a shit load of pre drilled holes.

I'll try and get some correct caps and try that. Also I will probably get the stuff to actually etch a board because the other stuff is a pain in the ass.
That's actually perf board. Go with the right valued caps and you should be in business.
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So would that much a difference in value kill the sound completely? Because it works in one poisiton and in the other it doesnt do a damn thing.
As far, as completely killing it, I don't know for sure, but I'd say 1000x difference in capacitance potentially could. The reason it works in one position is because that's where your true bypass comes in, and the sound completely skips the circuit.
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Alright, didnt work. Changing the caps, I mean. It still makes absolutely no sound. But now its in both channels. I found a transistor was reversed so I swapped it around and after that it dont make any sound at all. What sucks even worse is all the components are already soldered to the board.

What should I do?
I'd start with your grounds and with the switch. If it's not working bypassed either, then it's got to be in there somewhere. Does the LED come on?
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