We're releasing a free album as a tribute to Armor for Sleep's 'What to Do When You Are Dead'. All of the songs are covered on it including the hidden song, the iTunes exclusive "Very Invisible," and even an original song.

Check us out on Myspace here: http://myspace.com/wtdwyad
Or the official site here: http://groggie.com/wtdwyad

Currently, there is a ~20 second preview of The Truth About Heaven up now. Official release date will be February 22nd (Exactly two years after the actual album released).

Some tabs from Ultimate Guitar were used, and the tabbers have been thanked in the special thanks section of the official website.
I think its a great idea, but i do agree you should make sure its all good with the guys. If it goes over well you should do a cover of their first album. The intro to the first album is awesome even though its only 45 sec long.