Hi everyone this is my first post. Tell me if it is in the wrong place or something.
Ok well i have been playing for about two years and i really didnt have a problem with picking until my friend started making me worry about technique. its been so crappy after that for the last couple of months and cant find a single confortable position in picking. Ive tryed anchored un anchored using different wrist motions and all this other crap. I still havent found anything that im truly confortable with. Am i thinking about it to much? Maybe im doing something wrong? Maybe im not supposed to feel confortable when i first start using the picking method. I have no idea can anyone help me?
Find your comfy spot for your arm. Which ever way its most comfortable for you, is most probably the right way for you. Im assuming your not into shredding and all that yet, so i doubt that your wrist position should disturb your playing at all.

Dont think about it too much, over time, your hand will find the best place to rest by itself, you will subconciously find it.

Good luck..
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don't think about it, just do it... your hand will do whatever is most comfortable... and until you get into special types of picking, don't worry about how you're holding your pick as much... as long as it's comfortable and makes good sound, don't worry about it... cereally, have you seen the way synyster gates holds his pick?
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Thank you guys. Ill take the advice but arent i supposed to keep consistency with the strings? Like when i find the confortable spot for picking then i apply that to every string? If you watch Speed kills thats some of the advice he gives.
how do you think ancient guitarist found their sweet spots? they just did it and it came naturally, as you will one fine day..
"I don't mind making sissy rock. I'll rock your ass sensitive style" - John Mayer
Have you've tried to slow down your picking drills, like play a major scale nice and slow, and/or the famous 1234.

To be honest though, most techniques are uncomfortable at first. But they should'nt be horrorable uncomfortable. Try do find the most relaxed way you can hold your pick, and its always a good idea to try and avoiding the resting of the palm on the strings and the resting of the pinky on the pickgaurd(anchoring).
The best thing to do is play unanchored. The reason your technique is uncomfortable is because you havn't settled on one. If you play with a certain technique exclusively for a few weeks, you'll get used to it.