Hi, im looking into buying a les paul. However i do not know wether to get an epiphone or a gibson. Is there that much of a difference? I have enough money to buy the epiphone right now, but i would have to save up to afford the gibson. Could someone help me out?
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Epiphone Les Pauls are good bang for the buck. Essentially with a Gibson, you pay for slightly better electronics, craftsmanship, and (mostly) the name.
honestly, i dont like epiphone or gibson, they are related though...honestly if you want a les paul and can get an epi, get an agile...nowadays with gibson all you're buying is the name, and i hate them for that
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You could do better for the price with either brand.

yeah, you can... if you want a gibson-made guitar, though, get a kramer... they're super cheap at musicyo.com
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I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic made in '97. I hear they aren't as good anymore, but mine sounds amazing (especially for metal with the hot ceramics). However, before I bought my LP I tried out all of them. The Custom and Standard are good guitars, but I far prefer the tone of the Classic. Though I would not recommend anything less than a Classic. The cheaper Gibsons (which are not cheap at all) sound absolutely terrible to me. Some of the worst guitars I have ever played were Gibson LP Studios and Studio Lites. If bang for buck is what you want you may very well want to go with Epiphone. HOWEVER, I just recently bought my fiance a guitar for $279 (on sale at Guitar Center - shows $349 on the site). It is a Daisy Rock (girl guitars) Stardust Elite and for the price I can't imagine there is a better guitar. It plays very well (after a light set-up -- has an ok factory set-up, but needed a little tweaking to be perfect - there was a bit of a buzz initially). They do make colors suitable for guys that may be found on eBay. It's just the best value I have seen for something with great action, hot humbuckers, and Grover tuners (I was surprised when I saw those on there). Amazingly it does sound quite good through an amp as well. Very impressive if you are open minded enough to try one out (one that isn't violet and pearl )
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Gibson if you can afford.
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i own an epiphone les paul classic and i really really like it
i compared it with a gibson les paul studio and it wasnt that much of a difference to me (sound and all) and for half the price-i took the epiphone

and if you insist on getting the gibson sound-buy 2 burstbucker pro's and it'll still be cheaper


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