yeah, so i was pretty much set on the ashdown fallen angel 40, until i really took a look at the randall rg50tc. now, ive only gotten a chance to play the randall because nowhere near me has the ashdown. the randall kind of fit my needs, and i thought it was fairly decent, but i hear the ashdown is more versatile, and i imagine the gain on the clean channel could really be useful.

the randall is $80 more than the ashdown.

from what i've heard, the ashdown is the "better" amp, but i know you normally get what you pay for, so i'm not sure if the randall beats it out or not.

musically, i generally play hardcore and punk with quite a bit of metal influence, but i definitely want a lot of versatility in being able to play clean and low-gain blues stuff; as well as having enough gain for metal.

so yeah....randall: get the $80 extra value, or just go for the ashdown?
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I have played a Randall, I played one straight after a Valveking in a store, and it was lifeless as hell. Pretty flat and boring, really didn't like it. The VK had life, soul, massive low end rumble.. I loved it. It's god damn versatile too because it has a class selector on the back meaning you can go from class A classic rock to Class A/B post-hardcore punk stuff. And most people on here seem to agree the cleans on the Valveking are very, very good.

I, however, haven't tried the ashdown, but I've read only good things on it.
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i thought I liked the randall better, but I haven't been able to try them head to head. I'd also say the randall is more versatile.

that's totally personal preference, though.

My feeling is, if you like the randall, buy it, since it's a bit of a lottery with the ashdown if you can't try it.
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