Can somebody help me out and let me know what the name of the color for Slash's les paul is?
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GNR slash?
Or VR slash?
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theres a signature guitar slash les paul. go to the gibson site and it tells you the color. i think it was tobacco sunburst. just go look for it on the gibson custom shop site.
Goldtop 1957. That is my fav Slash color, but also Honeyburst. Look up those two on www.musiciansfriend.com , Goldtop is sweet! PS, or you could get a Goldtop Standard! those are half the price and kick Major ass!!!
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HE used lots of Les Pauls but the majority were along the lines of a sunburst color. As long as you use that you can't really miss his color. I say get honeyburst there t3h sex.
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i saw on the net somewhere its called "Dark Tobbaco" but not sure
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rofl, i thought you were going to ask if he was white, black, or mexican.

Yeah, me too.

And to contribute something, I'm pretty sure it's that "Tobacco Burst."
tobacco sunburst.

although he switches around with other guitars like mockingbirds, his main les paul (also his signature guitar) is tobacco sunburst.
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rofl, i thought you were going to ask if he was white, black, or mexican.

Same here. Mulatto ftw.
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What a hot color....
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