Does anybody have pics, specs and price of his signature schecter and where i would be able to buy it at. I am thinking about getting a hellraisor but i want to check his guitar out first to see which is better for me.
Does The loomis have a floyd rose and does it come in a 6 string version cause i notice hes been using a 7 string hellraisor lately
Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
i want that...
EDIT: and, if you want a 6-string version of that, go for the hellraiser FR.
but god, i cant wait until february....
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^ the actual store cost is going to be around $900 though.

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Has anyone found the release date for it? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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