Im thinking about buying a RG 470 but im not sure how good the locking trem is.... so can you tell me if its good? and if its not what guitar is similar but same price range?
Hm. Not sure about the 470, but the RG series so far has impressed me. If it turns out you don't like it, possibly shoot for an RG1570?
Japanese 470 has better trem/build quality/hardware/everything than Korean 470. Apparently, even the Japanese 470's trem couldnt match up with the original edge on RG5xx models & above.
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i have a Japanese RG470 that is fairly new. made in 2001. people will tell you that the lo trs bridges suck. although it is not perfect, it does not suck. maybe unless you have a really old, worn out one.

but mines does not go out of tune that easily from using the tremolo unless i REALLY abuse it. it wont really go out of tune significantly unless i drop it to the point of where the strings start fluttering.

it really depends on how old/abused the guitar is i guess. even though i bought mines second hand, it was really taken care of, so the bridge is in really good shape.