I have a 50th Anniversary American Stratocaster and was wondering if I replaced the bridge pickup with an SD Hot Rails and the tuners with Schaller locking tuners, would it appreciate in value in the future as much as if it was unmodified? Thanks.
I'm not 100% sure on this, but if you look at the 50s Strats, the ones that go for the most are the ones that are all original.
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No it wouldn't appreciate the value, it'd make it lower.
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It would go doooown man
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Would probably fall. Keep the old pickups so you can reinstall for a sale.
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Yeah, if you need new tuners and NEED the resale velue intact, use ones that won't require drilling and generally don't rout/drill/carve/engrave any piece of wood on it. That way you can restore it pretty well if you keep the original bits.
just fyi, he said it was a 50th Anniversary, not from the 1950's, so the value wont go down that much. But just remember, if you plan to sell it, dont use tuners like Pikka said that will make new holes, and when you replace the pups, keep the old ones, you never know what the buyer will want. If you plan to just keep it and play it yourself, go all out!
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I am replacing the pick-ups on my strat and tuners, and I am just keeping the original stuff. Just in case.
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