hey guys, i want to pick up on some of Rory's technic but dont no which song best explains his solo and riff technics. can any one help?
Gallagher used a lot of different styles, as explained on his Irish Tour '74 DVD, buy it to see what I mean.
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i have his montreux DVD, and if so i would like to know his earlier technic

... That made little sense. I assume you mean 'techniques'?

Anyway. YouTube is a good idea if you're stuck. There are some excellent videos of Rory posted in the Videos Thread in this forum that show him playing rock (with Jack Bruce) and blues songs. The best way to do it is to learn his solos, because they contain the licks. True.
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I have the rockpalast collection on DVD, and from what ive noticed he seems to be a big fan of using his little finger.
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^ Yeah he live Hybrid Picking, listen to Bought and Sold for an example. As far as slide goes I know that Muddy Waters was a huge influence.

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He uses a lot of repetitive but original blues licks he's gotten off guys like Freddie King. Notable Irish influence from Tony Joe White with the acoustic blues work too.
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Rory's a bit of an enigma in terms of style as all of his stuff is clearly his own. (i can tell it's a rory solo within seconds) Yet it's it's also very clear that he borrows from a huge amount of people.

One of the most distinctive things about rory is his method of playing simple chord-tone configurations while he's singing. Basically playing enough notes in the chord that you know what it is without having to stress over singing and playing the entire chord.

Another thing is that his solos styles tend to vary wildly depending on the song. In stuff such as "I Wonder Who" it's almost pure stereotypical blues stuff. However, on his more intimate performances it's very much his own voice.

I think the best way to pick up his style would be to learn "Million Miles Away" in it's entirety and study every detail of it.
It's the quintessential Gallagher song as it personifies everything that was unique about him, from the way the chords are played to the solo to the rockish tone of the song with a slight hint of celtic mystique.
Get the "Irish Tour" version btw.

Another good one to look at might be the FIRST solo in "Tatoo'd Lady". The second is just classic-rock wanking. But the first is quite unique.

Good luck mate, and it's great to see more folks getting into Rory. He was a true musician.

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