Wow... I found that really good. I like the octaves in the brass section; and I especially like how it lacks fast sweeping passages from nowhere! Yay! I can't describe it much, but it gives me a feeling of the Gerudo Valley and Fortress, from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Here's some things:
Bars 17-24, I think it doesn't need a repeat. It just adds in instruments, and the rest of the music, to me, gets a little stale having it repeated once more.

The bass solo, to me anyway, is very hard to hear. I believe the distortion guitar drowns out the bass frequencies; perhaps only play single notes, with no bass notes? To me, that would give the bass more "space" to be heard, without other instruments stealing it's pitch range. Perhaps even changing the distortion guitar to a clean channel while the bass solos? Just the distortion drowns it out.

Other than that, I think it's pretty damn good; time well spent.
Thats pretty good. The distrotion guitar works really well when it comes in. As above said it does sound like the perfect music for a game or something (not that its bad as a song). The bass works very well in the brass section melody. The guitar solo is good, but lacks any real hook or memorable part to it. At the minute its just there, it doesnt add to the song really, but it could with a bit of work. Likewise with the bass solo. For the bass solo what I'd try to do is instead of playing fast all the time, which I find doesnt always work on bass, try to incorporate weird arpeggios in there with open strings. That should also resolve the problem Dayn said about it not being heard. But apart from those 2 niggles that is a very good song, as Dayn said, time well spent.
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one thing. you left the chord hanging after the second repeat of the introduction. It sorta resolves but not really. you need to use a more dissonant chord to create a stronger resolution to the root(or wherever u want it to go) the low end resolves it but not with chords. Chords will make the resolution stronger
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You got a good melody. and i guese this would be an awsome soundtrack, realy awsome.
But it is all the same thing through out.
Your solo is ok, not great but ok.
And you drown the bass in the bass solo, but it sounds good(not the drowning, the solo).
You've got some great melodies in there, especially in the brass section, it sounds really great. And i liked how you're second ensemble piece leads where the music is going but still blends in really well with the string ensemble chords.
The only thing i would say though is that the first string ensemble is always playing the same set of chords and the exact same rhythm, which does sound good until the guitar solo. Maybe just change the rhythm of those chords during the solo? idk.
Overall, great song, great melodies and despite what psychotim says, i thought the solo was ace!