Sorry if I'm a total n00b about this.
But I have a problem
I would like to record some songs by myself.
But I don't have any drums (pretty neccessary if you ask me)
I can't play them, SO
I go on the internet looking for drum software,
I find all these wonderful apps (drumsite, beatcraft) but the problem is
that I don't know ***** about drums.
And even these programs make it sound like a chimp banging a drum.

Is there any way for me to be able to make easy and simple drumtracks
for a normal rock n roll song. nothing too fancy

Thnx for helping a idiot out!
sorry man, but this is the wrong forum to ask that question in. try checking out one of the others. although, while i'm here i may as well answer your question... it is tough to creat a drum beat on the computer if you don't know anything about drums, so my suggestion is to try dowloading some drum loops. they are already made, all you need to do is download them and you are set... so idk, try doing a search on download.com until you find something that you like
Well theirs 1of2 things you could do 1/ get a friend that plys drums to record a few beats for you or 2/ you can fork out the cash and buy a drum machine sorry bud thats bout it i have band and i made my drummer to record a few beats for me so i could practice inbetween practicing it works pretty good

good luck
Marco (zombe0)