Voyage Century As fellow travlers know the world is very big with many wonders to behold.

As I step out of the 4 city that I know (Istabul,Athens,Alexander and Beirut) which Alexander being my home, and before my first 5 days as Captain will end ( for a short while)

I got my men together got a new faster ship(was using merchant ship) and set sail.

Now the first two stops where Genoa and Venice(Venice I was trying to find first due to a task handed to me and found Genoa first ) Then as getting a few more supples for a good many days at sea, We sail into the city of Seville, After Seville was Lisbon where now myself and my crew are staying for the night.

My plan is to see all cities of the world and get a map so not to get too lost trying to find them again once I start my tour as Captain again.

so I hope all is well for those at sea and here a goodnight picture of me in Lisbon

Voyage Century

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