Hey, I was wondering if anybody out there had any tab suggestions. I've started practising with my friend, and we're looking to build up our dualing and song playing. Just so you know what our abilities are:

Myself: I would rate my self as an intermediate player, some of my favourite artists (to play) are Funeral For a Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Darkest Hour (but not when it comes to solos) Atreyu, and Slipknot. At the moment i'm taking lead.

My Friend: He tends to play specific parts of songs, and is a definate beginner, but talented, with good potential: InFlames Come Clarity Intro, Stone Sour Through The Glass Intro, Various Blink 182, (just 'cos its easy), Today by Smashing pumpkins. Some beatles.

The only song we've tried and both love at the moment is Right Side Of The Bed by Atreyu...

So... Any suggestions?
First of all you and your friend need to learn a WHOLE song. Start with the Blink 182 if it seems easiest.
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Okay, perhaps i need to explain, when i said my friend has potential, i meant it, he's just started playing guitar, but he can also play drums and piano, and is really good. we pretty much ace Right Side of the Bed. We did start learning End of Nothing by FFAF, until he decided he didn't like it 'cos he hates emo.

Admittedly we're not proffesional, but we're not blink-182 either!
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beasts and the harlot- A7X
Like light to flies-Trivium

Awsome man, *Searches for tab*