i love the offspring,they are one of my favorite bands,you did a great job covering this song,singin their songs are def. hard,with that high voice dexter has...you should cover some more offspring,ive seen them live and they are def. worth seeing,they have great shows,i met them and watnot but dexter was an asshole...ne way,cover more,i wanna hear it...
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Very nice cover here. Vocals were pretty damn good and the Guitar Track was almost flawless. Only "Flaw" I could really spot was at times the little Interlude Riff done throughout was a little out of rhythm in a couple of spots, nothing major though. Keep up the good work, Would love to hear some more Offspring covers from ya.
i loved it. u did a great job balancing all the volumes doing the eq's and whatnot, what gear u use for recording the drums?

and the voice work was awesome btw
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Great! Thats was really nice, I enjoyed it. Your vocals were pretty cool too!
Didn't hear any mistake,
Oh and a Question: Did you sing and play together?

Crit mine too?
I never heard the original, but it sounds good, I love the vocals
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This is really, really good. Best cover I've heard in a while. AWESOME! I really want to hear more please.. . and as always, wut did you record with?
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very well done, sir. I liked the vocals in particular. a wee bit too much gain on the guitars for my taste, but still good.
Pretty good. The fake drums don't sound too bad. You nailed the vocals. I like it a lot. Sounds pretty good for a home recording.

Crit mine?

i just downloaded the backing track for this song off a website, and its got everything, including vocals...so you put in a good guitar tone. everyone thought u sung it, but its just the backing track
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Donkeyman2341, you are my new god!