I went to Guitar Center yesterday and I found all these Dimebag Darrel guitars by Dean. I plugged one in and thought it was awesome. I was surprised how cheap it was (I think 300) . Do any of you like these guitars too? I also like how big they are. They're huge!
I personally dislike them.
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dont like em. That was a low end one too, I still dont like the high end ones.
Never played them, but I want to. What you played was one of the lower-end ones. If you really want the Dime look, sound, and playability, you need to get the higher-end ones, like the CFH or FBD model. Sadly, they are out of my reach, and my mom's only gonna get me one guitar this Spring.. I had my eyes set on a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser... But I want the CFH ML.... But I need 24 frets... ._.;
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i got the FBD Tribute ML. i love that thing to death. it my main show guitar
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I have the CFH model and is amazing, the BL pickup is great, a few problems with the floyd rose, but those are easily fixed.

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i got one of the lower end ones, the Dime-O-Flage and put a Dimebucker in it. im planning to put a floyd in it soon, so then ill be investing 340 (im getting the floyd used)
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I don't like them, I don't like many signature guitars.
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I personally like the Ml 79 series better over the dime series.

yea that will soon be in my possesion by march hopefully

i dont like signature guitars cause they have a name slapped on it somewhere usually which i dont like lol.
the cheaper range are crap, i dont like the dime o flame, razorback or any other di,e models for that matter
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