okay so later this week im buying a peavey 6505 head.
and i only have like enough money for the head as of now.
and i can manage too pull like maybe 200 extra for a cab.
i want too buy a mesa dual recto cab for it, but i dont have the money.

what cab would anyone suggest i go and buy too use as a substitute until i can buy my mesa cab?
i found a crate for like 200, i dunno though.
or maybe a marshall until then.

so any suggestions on the best substitute cab for playing grindcore/tech/death metal on?
Crate cabs aren't to bad,

You could buy a used/2nd hand cab though?
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make sure you get one with matching impedance, too. I'd go used myself.
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i would get a decent cab.. it can affect your sound alot. i would save for a used mesa if thats possible.
AVATAR makes cabs that mimic just about everything you can think of and for CHEAP