G'day all, just today i put in a deposit for my new Eclipse and am now eagerly waiting for it to come in. I had to order it unfortunately : (

I have tested very similar models before and found them to be absolutely amazing (closest model being ec-1000). It handled all the genres i tried playing on it, which were metal/ heavy metal / harcore etc but was wondering if anyone happens to know if it can create tones that are close to nirvana/red hot chili peppers. I managed to get some pretty nice nirvanaish tones on the ec1000on my crate GT3500H

i am currently using a scummy aria stg series fender clone and it gets a pretty versitle sound and can get just about any genre. but the quality of tone isn't as good :P.

so yes, incase i've rambled to much, does anyone who owns and eclipse know if you can manage to get some fender-ish tones from it?

well, it depends. if you have the duncans in, then ya. i got almost the same set that they put in the eclipse on my lp, its pretty versatile, but you gotta keep the vol on the guitar a bit lower and the tone a little lower. and then just eq your amp and youll be good. but if you have emgs, it might be a bit more difficult, but you'd just have to play around with it to get something close, thats what i do, but some guitar-pu combo's just cant get close. like, i have this shitty ibanez, it plays real well, but the tone is really poor, just flat. i cant get much out of it. the stuff i can get is so-so thouhg. anyway, hope that helps
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hmm fender tones from an esp with EMGs isn't going to be easy(if at all possible) emgs can't be coil split either(except the 89s)
I see, well yes indeed it will be emg's. 81 on bridge and 60 on neck. I suspected as much that it would be unfavourable.

i also noticed about the volume and tone with the duncans when i tested one in store. nearly lost my sense of hearing because of it ;p. once i figured it out i didn't get the tones i wanted like the emg's, but the cleans were defiantely fantastic