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Wild Wings
6 13%
32 67%
Voters: 48.
Where do you like your wings? Any particular place? I personally love this place called Wild Wings..but Hooters is always good. There's also Winghouse, and it was good.

Flamming =

I just thought it'd be interesting to see if there's any wing lovers here.
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I forgot the name of the place, but it had the absolute best wings I've ever had, though my cousin in Toronto says there's a place that he'll have to show me eventually that's super spicy.
ok, hooters have kick a#@ wings, but come on, look at who serves you!!! What more can a guy want, food and boobs!!!
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There was a chain in Texas called Wings N More.

They dipped the wings in the hot sauce, and then fried them.

So they were amazingly cripsy juicy and delicious.

They also had CURLY fries.

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There was a chain in Texas called Wings N More.

They dipped the wings in the hot sauce, and then fried them.

So they were amazingly cripsy juicy and delicious.

They also had CURLY fries.


Everyone has curly fries haha.
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I do not go to Hooters for wings . I go to The Outback
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the fox and the fiddle, kelseys or this place in toronto called Orwells pub....best ****ing wings i have ever eaten...and on tuesdays(i think) its 10cents a wing as much as you can eat

*food orgasm*
Downtown in my town(small town) there is a place called Nimas and it has them ost amazing wings. Ever.
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My family went on vacation to missouri, and there was this place on the way (I can't seem to remember what state, but it would be considered the mid-west, because they had things that we don't have on the east coast, like steak n' shakes) called buffalo something, I just randomly picked it because we were stopping in a little exit town for the night, and there wasn't much to choose from, the rest of the food sucked, but the wings were AWESOME, easily the best I've ever had, we ended up ordering tons of them and not eating our meals.

Wow, that was a long hot wing story....
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What the hell is a wing?
It is some slang term. Or do you mean a Chicken wing?
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Gators Dockside. That or there's a little place off a lake nearby affectionately called "The Tiki Hut" that has killer wings.
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Wild Wings owns.
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im not really a fan of wings.

i mean i eat them sometimes, but i dont really care where theyre from.
They opened a hooters in my city and I went to check it out. The food was absolutely horrible.

Granted it was one particular restaurant on one particular day. So it's more than possible that I was just unlucky. But it left a pretty bad impression of the place. I haven't been back since. I'd give it another shot if I was with a group or something and they wanted to go, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there.
I only eat wings when I'm at work, and I make them myself, exactly how I want them. But if I didn't work there I wouldn't eat there. $7.95 for a pound is robbery.
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Dont lie, you have never been to hooters.

But ya hooters wins. But if nothing else is availible kfc has real good boneless wngs.
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Buffalo Wild Wings.

Absolutely! They have so many different flavors, and their sandwiches are good too, plus they've got a shit-ton of TVs, and their jukebox, albeit expensive, is awesome. I wish I had the money to go there right now.
Well the restaurant that my dad used to work at had the best wings Ive ever eaten. They were sweet and spicy as **** both at the same time. It was called Diamond Grille in gaithersburg maryland. Hooters is alright, but Ive only been there once.
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Cage aux Sports here. Hockey nights or nights with big sport events, 25 cents each wing if you get batches of 8. Two choices, buffalo wings or 911 wings. I always take the 911 wings, even their fries are a bit spicy and they have fry spices on each table and free popcorn movie style and butter that you put on yourself. But they get back at you for the drinks.