I figured this would be the place to put him. He's primarily an acoustic player, but the man can shred his ass off. I really like his fingerpicking style and he plays the most beautiful custom instruments.

Anyway, I was just really digging his Waiting for a Dancer album and I was wondering if anyone can reccomend any other albums by him. Or perhaps artists in a similar style.
SuburbanCowboy - I'm with you - Adrian Legg is a monster on the guitar. His background is acoustic but for some time now he's been playing a custom guitar with piezo pickups. I learned about him while researching instrument design and wrote this article about the guitar - Adrian Legg's Ergonomic Guitar

You also might be interested in the following videos of him playing:

Adrian Legg Plays His Custom Ergonomic Guitar


More Adrian Legg Playing His Custom Ergonomic Guitar

As I'm also new to his playing, I'm curious to hear recommendations as well.


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Glad you found those interesting! The effect he gets from retuning as he plays is amazing and you can really see how much he enjoyed playing that piece. Still hoping for some recommendations from the group though...