Im really wanting to buy one, I want to know what price I should be willing to accept to pay. I'e heard that they are nice guitars.
Would anyone have ideas?
they are nice. I'm lucky and have my dads old one from when he was a kid but i can't help you on price.
now extra flamey
i have one from when my dad used to play too, best guitar ive ever played. adjustable bridge on it is a godsend.

my friend bought one second hand from a teacher of mine at college for £40, but i dunno, looking on ebay it seems £40 to 60 seems to be about right.
The guy on eBay reckons his is worth £100, it's damaged too. There's no way Id offer more than £50
if you're going to be looking to buy one on eBay... search for the guitar you want and then when it brings up the list of items found... click on the checkbox labeled "Completed Listings" over on the left-hand side of the page, then click "Search" again. that'll show you all of the recent auctions for the same guitar that are already over. that way you get a good idea of what the guitars are selling for. it's pretty hard to gauge what something is "worth" when you're looking at auctions that aren't over.
Ok its messed up theyve been selling for between £50-200 similar models.
hahah yeah i noticed that myself after i posted. i wonder what's up with that!?