Just a quick few questions,

Does an EQ pedal affect your tone? i.e. suck the tone a little (kinda hard to describe what I mean, but you should get it)

And also, what are the best EQ pedals? (not rack Eqs, actual foot pedal EQs) I dont realyl have a budget, but at the same time I would rather not spend an absolute fortune on it.
i think the Danelectro Fish n Chips is excelent, even tho it is made of cheap plastic. ehh i wasn't to impressed with the Boss one. The MXR ones were solid.
No, a good EQ pedal should be as transparent as possible. It should be just like turning the tone knobs on your amp, only with more control.

I'd recommend the Boss GE-7 and the MXR units (6 or 10-band, up to you!). The cheaper ones tend to add some tonal colouration or background noise to your sound.

...but, what actually do you need an EQ pedal for? You may be better off getting a good overdrive/clean booster pedal instead... No offence, you may have researched it already and know exactly what you want from the pedal, but my experience is that people expect a bit too much from their EQ pedal...
my danelectro one kinda sucks the tone by say, about 2% but ti gives me a lead metal sound when on and leaves my amp to do the rythym
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^^I've heard good things about it, and for $30 it's hard to go wrong. I'm getting one sometime this week (once it ships.) I can let you know about it then
i've heard it's the only good danelectro pedal. you can't really mess up an EQ pedal too much...
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