I'm looking for suggestions on a decent amp for a beginner. I have a Fender Strat and play (at least try to play) classic rock, Grateful Dead, Country and like Blues. I don't plan on being in a band or on stage. I'm using a tiny X-Brand X-10 that sounds horrible. I'm not sure yet how much I want to spend so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks a lot.
I am a noob as well... I use a Roland Micro Cube... It sounds good. I have a friend who is way more experienced than I am, and he likes it so...


yeah it can run on batteries so its portable...
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The Vox AD series are great first amps, especially for classic rock! Depending on your budget, I'd recommend either going with the AD30VT (which will take you all the way to band practice), or the little battery powered DA5 strictly for bedroom use.

I suggest away from the AD15, because I feel the 30 with it's attenuator on the back, sounds better at lower volumes than the 15, but has the capability of getting much louder. Well worth the difference in cost.

The DA5 is a cool practice amp that'll be fun to travel with, or hit the park, long after you've upgraded to a bigger amp.
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As a beginner you will be better with some kind of amp modeller so you have a lot of different sounds to play with and see what you like.

The Vox Valvetronix series (AD15VT, AD30VT etc) and the Roland Cube series are probably the best available on a beginners budget.
I also vote for the Vox Valvetronix series
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Kustom make some awesome first amps, my KGA10FX saw me through the rough first 2 years. They're also on the cheapish side (paid 80 euros for mine)
Id also reccomend the Vox. Has nice emulations of bigger tube amps, very good value, ltos of effects. Also a great idea to find your sound and then possibly get the amp you use the most (ive noticed that on modeling amp i atleast often tedn to use one or two models most of the time).
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