The Question is simple, what is your favorite bass rig to play on? Share your comments, and experiences below!
Combo, would have to be a Peavey Combo 115, and then, hmm, It would have to of been this ampeg I played through, I can't remeber what model but it was in the vacinty of 400watts playing through there 8x10 cabninet. That is some nice tonal qualities right there.
The vintage Mesa head + 8x10 cab that I nearly had for free. I still cry before I go to sleep, thinking of the one that got away.
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

"Honey, I've got to buy a new bass! This diamond is made of a dead guy! I made him a promise!"

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I looove my ashdown. It gets every tone I ever want, and never disappoints me or anyone visiting my studio who turns it on. Second best $600 ever spent (first is the SG).
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