I've been trying to learn some scales lately and it keeps getting sloppy on the top strings. My teacher said to practice it slow, but how slow do i need to go because i practice them constantly and it is still bad on the top strings when i decide to try it fast again.
Slow enough that you think of all the motions before you do them, eg moving your finger to that fret, picking the string, etc. Do it as slow as you have to, theres no reason to start fast other than to make yourself feel big.
You don't go from slow to fast immediately. You start slow, slow enough so that you don't screw up. A metronome helps here. Then, just go up in speed a very small amount. If you can do that well, then just increase a bit more. Once you get sloppy again, slow down and start at that speed.
You go as slowly as you have to to ensure you hit every note cleanly. When you're playing something cleanly CONSISTENTLY then you can look at upping the speed a little.
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