I have a chance to build a guitar for my tech GCSE, and i really love the look of Zebrawood, so i was thinking of making a whole bodied guitar of Zebrawood, but does anyone have any experience of how this wood works? is it easy to sand? what finishes are reccommended for it? and what are it's qualities as a tonewood?

EDIT: also, does anyopne have any wiring diagrams for a PRS style rotary pickup selector switch, and where i could buy one?
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for the PRS ... look on seymourduncan.com
as for the wood ... no clue
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Zebrawood does look killer. Warmoth website has descriptions of pretty much every wood you could imagine.
I would use a very light wood for the back and use a drop top for the zebrawood, I don't really think its a good idea, but try it...

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it sounds similar to maple and is very heavy
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A question about zebrano necks..

There's a big chance I will make a neck-through guitar. The neck will be a laminate of zebrano-maple-zebrano, and the wings will be of mahogany. (Still haven't decided on the top yet) Would this guitar have balance issues, or will it be okay?
Just go with a 3 peice maple neck.

And when you say balance, I assume you mean physically, not tonally. Physically the body would be a bit heavier.
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