hey guys,
yes its another one of my paranoid questions :| anyways i think i have lack of sustain/ string tone in the high E, but im not sure whether something is wrong with the sustain on that string or whether i need a fresh set of strings on. does anyone know
the string is probably just worn out, how long has that set of strings been on the guitar.
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it happens to me to. does it sound like the string is vibrating really bad when you fret a note? well, 99% its the string is dead. this happens to me often, the high e usually does it first, that's when i know its time for new strings.
well u can notice it more when its played open but yes it does, it just dies earlier and seems to go out of tune a fair bit. so i think its time for a string change soon
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The 'going out of tune' bit could also have to do with the facts that your tuning pegs might not be tightend enough, check that. And yeah maybe the string is just old.
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Sounds like the action's a bit too low on that string...just raise the saddle a little. If the strings are few months old it's probably worth changing them all though.
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