i was just wondering if anyone knew how the bridge bit goes exactly on bass? when i say the bridge i mean the bit that goes:

Who knew the other side of you
Who knew what others died to prove
Too true to say goodbye to you
Too true, too sad sad sad

i know the rest of the song but when it comes to that, i usually make something up. ive got the tab for it that someone recommended on another thread and i still cant seem to work out how it goes any help would be much appreciated.
are you shure ther is a bass guitar bein played in that bit ?? i no after wen it goes "sad sad sad" you can hear fleas bass & then it links into the verses but i didnt think i could hear a bass in the bridge
Ok i dunno how to od out the tab but anyway ill try:


Reapeat that for three lines.


Sorry about spacings but you can work out the timings
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thanks for that! i'll give it a go! and yeah there is definately a bass part to it, im sure of it, u can hear something going on and also the video shows flea playing something, as do various live performances