Fireball, I've been hearing good things about this amp, I am looking to purchase it does anyone have personal experiance on it, or would say its a pretty solid amp? I've heard sound clips I really like but you can never be to sure...

so has anyone played it? think it will be good for me?

The guitar I use right now is an LTD H 400, with duncans, I play mostly death metal with some clean sound, opeth, necrophagist, cannibal corpse, etc.
good amp for death metal, has more gain than you will need and the cleans are pretty decent too...
but i like the powerball better, the distortion sounded nicer to me...
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alright i'll try it
but if it falls out and my guitar breaks i'm going to eat your first born.
...just so you know
^isnt the fireball about $1100
how much is the powerball?

i also like playing some symphonic metal like dimmu borgir
it's a two channel amp right? but the eq is shared so how hard is it to get an awesome heavy metal sound but still be able to get a nice clean setting without having to constantly changing your settings?
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