I'm thinking of getting (first I have to try it of course) a Peavey Valveking 112. But will it be loud enough for small gigs? Should I invest in a 212 instead?

And what is normal to do, do you run the valveking straight through a PA? I imagine you have to mic it in some kind of way (or maybe not?)

pls help
that is going to be easily loud enough for gigs, if not, then mic the thing
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Usually you'd mic it for the best sound.

Yes it will be plenty loud enough, but its not really that great an amp and I've heard a lot of problems with its reliability.

What styles of music do you play and what is your budget?
im notsure about the 112 cranked, but my 212 is fookin' massive [sounding].
it can drown out the drums on the lead setting at around the 4 mark =]
so yeah deff loud enough, and with 2 speakers you get the spread of the sound so its more balanced
and no its not going ot be up to the standards of liek an original jcm800 or expensive amp, but for abotu 400 quid, its not actually that bad anyway, its all relative
I mostly play Metallica, but also RHCP, QOTSA, Foo Fighters, and the list just goes on with similar bands. I know the VK doesn't have amazing cleans and that it isn't suited for Metallica -ish stuff, but my band always end up playing something that isn't Metallica, so it should suit me just fine.

Also I've heard soundclips of it distorted and I kind of like it. I don't have a lot of money, so I think it's the way to go.

But are you saying I probably don't need to mic it during shows, but it won't hurt anything if I do? And also, how good is the clean channel? I know it isn't perfect - as I stated above.
The ValveKing is a cheap tube amp. It's great if you're on a budget, but if you have money to spare, get something a little better.

As for loudness, it's plenty loud enough. My band mate has the VK 100Watt head and cab for it, and it's loud alright...I have a JSX 2x12, and he seems to drown me out a little bit, but I think I need to replace the tubes anyways, or buy an external 2x12 cab.

For small shows, you won't need to mic it, bigger shows, you shold anyways.
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Ok, so they are cheap, budget tube amps, and they are worth the money. But HOW budget are they? I've been playing for two years (but I'm a VERY fast learner, so the numbers kinda lie) and haven't really tried that many good amps, but I've heard the VK, and I like the distortion. It's sounds like what I'm after (even though there are better ones out there).

It's would be an improvment from what I have now anyway - a Valvestate 80w combo
Well, it sounds like this amp is what you're looking for then. The VK combo's are around $700 here in Canada (I think, just a guess), where as the JSX lets say, is $1700. So they are a good budget amp. If you heard them and like teh sound, go to the store and try it out just to make sure it's what you want. If you like the sound, get it.

And they are PLENTY loud enough. The is the least of your worries.
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It's a good amp if your on a budget and want all tube, and it will be plenty loud for small to medium sized gigs.
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small gigs theyre plenty loud. Up to medium sized to really. Im not sure what these reliablilty issues are. Mines been great...no probs...well new tubes but thats to be expected after heavy use.
This is so great, maybe three hours ago I was really unsure about the whole thing due to ignorance with amps, but now I'll head down to the store and try it (also knowing that i'm not just a guy who likes an amp because "it has pwning distortion" and such).

Thanks alot guys!

And it can handle clean sounds decently right? I'll be able to play clean stuff without people thinking it's a shitty amp?
the cleans are the highlight of the amp. The cleans are quite excellent. Really good amount of headroom, and really chimes. Also breaks up nicely when u play hard on it.