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check for kirk hammet !!!!
That's the point- we need to do articles on every piece of guitar-related equipment so guitar-spoofing doesn't just randomly die; I'm working on one concerning the oh-so-good MG.
I added two things to the signs your guitar is fake
* Guiatr is a Veitnamese prostitute
* Guitar speaks Mexican
I'm back, you douchebags.
Gibson guitars are a typically poorly built guitar. Many attribute this to the fact they are hand built by Mel Gibson, who has resorted to creating musical instruments in his garage to tide him along when overacting roles are scarce.

These guitars are a favorite of hobos, Mexicans, and hillbillies. The lack of a need for an amp is perfect for those whose drug problem prevented them from paying the electric bill for the past six months. The sound hole is perfect for hiding a stash. In a pinch, an acoustic guitar can double as an improvised weapon for the inevitable fights that break out in redneck bars

This is how you keep a blonde busy for hours!
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the chord diagrams are brilliant
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On cheating in a relationship...

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If he doesn't use a gameshark, it's not cheating.

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