The drum machine on the software it comes with, can you make your own beats with it?

Because i'm going to be doing a one man band and its going to be death metal, and i cant play drums so im going to have to be using a drum program, so if i can make my own beats can the machine handle beats at like 250 bpm ?
No, Its a simple program. It's really a metronome with more than one click sound.
Don't let the lack of a drum machine in GearBox deter you from buying a Toneport, they're great. Try downloading LeafDrums, awesome free drum machine.
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so say if i had drumkit from hell 2, could i mix that with the tracks i make on gearbox?

or could i mic the speaker that the drums from another program?

then just mix it in?
by the way, the toneport is great. Some people dont like the effects and dont buy it solely for that reason and i think that is stupid because the toneport is made to be an INTERFACE. you can bypass all the effects and just use your amps tone for it.

great product
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I've seen this product around a lot, is it really worth buying? Hows the recording quality on it?
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I think im going to buy it

does anyone know the difference between the keyboard and the UX2?