Send forth with heavy arms
Black out of sweet heavens warmth
Die upon a bloodied rise
Listen to the young’s steady cries
Stand rigid for your fight
Lock and load one last time
Back out it is to late now
Take me through the pit
Last hopes rest on it

Feel your hearts fall closely
Meet your master at his gates
Walk the screaming path
Wake up in a blood bath
Satisfaction for the kill
Red eyes serve through with this deal
Bloody daggers in the soil
Some one save from this hellhole
Last hopes rest on it

Sapiens carcasses lain on our grounds
Stabbing the hopes of a creation profound
Blacken the eyes and kiss goodbye
Of the lover that will soon cry
When she learns of a death
Heroic and bled in it
Ready the black dress and hold up high
What will soon be a suicide?
Last hopes now rest aside

Who is the man who stands in the black coat?
From his world is revoked
A soul of dusk and a heart of dawn
This isn’t where we belong
Fall forward and listen a bit closer
To the screams and cries of a hell like propose
For as all our blood runs black
We wait for the master to take us back
Last hopes rest on it
Very Nice. I Liked It

Take a look at this one :

Arise My lord, with your horns held high
With ur blazing fires, acid blood they'd cry
Your fiery nights the'll never forget
Their greatest betreyal they'll always regret
Arise My Lord with the creatures of the night
the dragons that slay and the giants that fight
Fear not our loyalty for you we would die
Our faith in you is greater than the sky
the sky that infinetly stretches till fires return
till your power arises till all souls shall burn
Arise My lord and show us the path
a path to victory, a plan of wrath
soon we shall taste the blood of priests
as we view temples collapse under legs of our beasts
we shall smell the smell of ashes as men return
to He who created them, to He who shall burn
Arise my lord and view Your land
The world we have built, all under your hand
Shall the rivers of blood and the seas of fire
never dry out, as your throne grows higher

alot of rhyme but so what i think its ****ing good
I like it a lot it's great
I can see it working in the genre of metal for some reason
but I would like to know what you had in mind

keep it up

Peace In
Yeah ominus's is better in my taste. (Is it about Satan?) And Vermillion's is also strong in the same ways.
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well thank you all.....i didnt intend for it to sound as much about satan as it did but it actually worked okay 4 me
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Ominous, i know you probably didn't mean it, but i liked yours a whole lot better.

he didnt mean what. my song was worth a shit well if u dont ****in like it get off my goddamn thread asswipe
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