Hey guys,

I've just bought a Mesa Boogie Single Recto Head from Ebay USA. Well, I'm living in Germany and we have a different voltage (220V instead of 110V), so I have to convert that somehow.

I could buy a converter, but how many watts does it have to support? I know that 50W aren't enought, because lots of power goes into heat and stuff. And are these devices reliable? Will my Recto take any damage?

Another solution is to change the power supply of the amplifier. How much does it cost? Is this a good solution?

Thanks for you help
^ seconded.

Äh, Sie wollen also mit Schlitz.
Look on the back of the amp, it should say how much power the amp takes to operate.

Then get a transformer for more than that wattage.

UNLESS it says the amp can take 220V elecricity, which some can. In that case, just switch the plugs.