Ok, I'm constructing a guitar, and I want to know if Carvin pickups are alright, and if so, which ones??

The guitar is going to have an alder body with a maple neck, possibly with a rosewood fretboard. I've heard Carvin is mainly for metal music, which is not what I'm looking for for this guitar, but I don't know if the "metal" qualities of these pickups will effect the sound that much.

The reason I'm looking at Carvin is because they are inexpensive, and a store is closeby.

If I do get Carvin, I'm looking for a bridge pickup. Here's the site.


Which bridge pickup would be the best?
I'd recommend a different brand, possibly dimarzios or duncans.

I too live near the Carvin factory and I've tried their guitars. They play really well... can't say the same for their sound though.
Well, I'm gonna get an S60 TB for my Tele once I actually amass the funds for the guitar itself. What's it sound like? Listen to some of Jeff Buckley's live stuff. It's gorgeous. To quote Meat Loaf: "A voice like a horny angel".
i don't think i've ever heard that Carvins are suited for Metal.. just ask Allan Holdsworth.. his sig model has stock carvin pickups he has amazing tone. and he plays jazz fusion.
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