im looking into getting bridge pickups for my prs se singlecut. i honestly have no idea whats im them right now, but im looking for something for mostly metal but wont make the sound all muddled and shit. ive heard good things about the dimebucker, and about the pearly gates, but im just kinda looking for suggestions. the main thing i want is for the pinch harmonics to come out nice and good. thanks.
You can get EMG's...but then again, I hate EMG's. They totally kill off your tone.

I suggest getting something passive....Ba....ba.r....e......kn....u..ck...l....e....pu....p...s..

Hmm, what?
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Harmonics? Dimarzio Norton all the way.
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If you can stretch to the Bareknuckles you won't regret it-they're amazing! The Nailbombs are the shiz when it comes to metal !!
Otherwise, Dimarzio's are always great. As steven seagull said, the Norton is very good for harmonics, as are the Evolutions and Tone Zones. Check out the Dimarzio website for more details, they describe the pickups pretty well there, and there's even a pickup finder, where it suggests pickups based on what guitar you have and what you're looking for.