Well im looking for a delay pedal, and i really like the sound of this pedal, the only thing is that ive heard such bad things about Lne 6 amps, but know nothing about thier pedals, so would this be a good choice.
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that pedal is surely great, in fact many pros use ite (for example mike Mccready of pearl jam)
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I'm pretty sure it's a decent delay pedal. Generally speaking, The Spider Amps are terrible, but most higher quality products that Line 6 puts out are decent to very good products.
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The pedal is actually really good. Not as good as analog delays but probably one of the best digital delays out there.
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line 6 makes great products, they make more than just the Spider modelling amps!

anyway, their pedals are great, and the dl-4 is not exeption. You should go try one out, itll blow you away. Im saving to add one to my floor board, soon,

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It's a very good delay! Loads of features and really versatile.

If its just a great sounding delay without all the extra features you want though, the EHX deluxe memory man is one of the best sounding delays I've tried!
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Id go with the Line 6 over the EHX any day. It depends how versitile you like your delay (Line 6 being the clear winner there) and if you prefer digital (Line 6) or analogue (EHX)
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I find line 6 effects models to be far superior to their amp models, especially the Delay. The only problems with this delay are tone sucking (with the AD/DA conversion) and they are very finnicky in regards to power supplies.
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Alot of the pros use the Line 6 DL4 (Matt bellamy from Muse, Stu and Joel from Eskimo Joe..)
The only thing is a friend of mine who owns one said that they take 12V instead of 9V, so you'll need to get a seperate adaptor for it (unless it already comes with).
i got one for christmas and it focking owns.


i used it on a couple of those, delay is in the title so shouldn't be to hard to figure out.

i focking love the thing, programable, sounds great, sooo many different sounds. i can make it sound like a bubbling tar pit. so freaking cool.
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i heard great things about it. but i also heard its reliability sucks. line6 modelers has huge power requirements.

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The pedal is actually really good. Not as good as analog delays but probably one of the best digital delays out there.

that is a horrific oversimplification.

anyway, it seems good, but its apparently pretty unreliable. most people i encounter seem to prefer the DD-20. its not quite as much of a modeller (although it is to some extent), but its just generally more reliable and in does a lot of things better.
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Kirk Hammett uses it as well.
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