I'm trying to assemble a live audio setup and am making sure I don't miss anything. Well, live as in my basement. What do I need in terms of a mixer, PA, mics, and other necesary things needed for a two-guitarist, bassist, drummer, and vocalist band.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: And/Or, could I get a link to a guide to this soirt of thing?
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well if you are just talking live, not for recording, then you will need mics for vocals, and depending on how loud you want to be also mics for drums and guitar amps... then you will need a mixer with enough channels to handle all the mics your gonna have. Here you can go 1) Powered mixer - smaller, but a convenient all in one package
2) Mixing board (unpowered) and Power amp

then you will want PA speakers .... size of your power amp and speakers again is dependant on how much you have to spend and how loud you need this to be... also you might want monitors if you have the $ for them...
Heres a guide with alot of stuff in it
Well theres loads of PA packages out there. Id reccomend you to get two mics for singing, since then one person can sing lead and atleast one on backup. For mics id reccomend Shure SM58's for vocals.

Monitors are good ideas to, since then youll get to hear whar youre playing. Though if you place the PA well these aren't as nessecary.
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Live set up requires

Mics- You need mics for all vocals, get some sm58's they are great and cheap. Then depending on the venue you could needto mic drums and guitars. For guitars use sm57s, and for bass get some kinda large diaphram mic like an akg or somethin. Then for drums, check out senhieser.

Mixer- You need a mixer to put mics into. An 8 channel should be plenty unless you mic everything on stage. And if the mixer was powered that would help to, you would not have to worry about getting a power amp. But check out fender (no the passports), peavey, europower, mackie, they all make great ones

Speakers - You have 2 choices, active, and passive. Active means that the speakers power them selves. This is good because you wouldnt need a powered mixer, or a power amp. Only downfall is they are expensive. Mackie makes a great pair. If you went the non-powered or passive route, you would need a powered mixer or power amp. You can find alot of good passive speakers, anywhere from yamaha, peavey, mackie, jbl are all great. Id recomend 15 inch speakers with horns, But 12 inch are fine too.

Power amp- you wont need this unless you have passive speakers and no powered mixer, or are using the powered mixer to power monitors. As for power amps just buy a behringer they are great.

of course youll need speaker cable, mic cable, and you should buy a case for your stuff if your gunna be transporting it

hope this helped
Just pointing something out; you don't really need a mike for bass, as most bassists will give you a line out from their amp. Some bassists like to mix the direct tone with a miced tone, but thats probably a bit to complex for you at this stage.

Mike positioning is also a large part of getting a good sound. Find a book or two about mike positioning (or just about studio setup or something, it should have something on mike positioning) to learn how to mike up a guitar amp and a drumkit.

Monitors are essential, atleast for the vocalist, so he can hear himself clearly. When setting up his monitor, point the bottom of the mike at it to avoid feedback.
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